Sunday, June 10, 2018

Introducing Debut Novelist Spencer Wise

The hilarious and brilliant Spencer Wise -- a graduate student of mine from way back -- has a debut novel that's just hit shelves! (Up-and-coming novelists -- check out the imprint; it's new and thriving,)
THE EMPEROR OF SHOES has amazing blurbs. Here's my addition to the long list of accolades.
"Brimming with comedic genius, The Emperor of Shoes is a commentary on American naivete and willfully blind greed that speaks to our collective human history of oppression and inhumanity. Wise opens us up with humor then refuses to pull his punches. He remains hopeful -- against diminishing odds -- about love and the sacrifices we make in its name."
(Also Spencer happens to be incredibly generous -- he's worked, one on one, as a mock-producer with the FSU MFA screenwriters as they prep for a week of meetings in LA. A wonderful gift of his time and insights into story. So thankful.)