Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My new short story about shedding skins, trans identity, family, home, revenge, avatars, and forgiveness. Feel free to share it with folks you think might dig this kind of work.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Poem of loathing ...

My poem up on Poetry Daily (okay, I'm two days late) is about my love-hate relationship with the reader. And this one is a little less love and a little more hate (and fear).Thankful to be included -- with all my rancor. Here is the ugly despicable link.  

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Want to write an Op-Ed? Do it.

If you're inclined to write opinion pieces for newspapers, now is the time! Seriously. Now. 

To help people navigate the how-to of op-eds, I gave at talk at VCFA this winter, followed by a Q & A on all sorts of topics. It was a long talk and, mercifully, it's been condensed so you don't have to suffer all the war stories and long-winded asides -- thanks to the good people of Hunger Mountain. 

Here's the link

My New Job at VCFA.

The announcement went out this week that I'll be the faculty director of Vermont College of Fine Arts' relatively new residential MFA program
I want to say how much I've loved teaching at Holy Cross, a complete joy. And I will still be teaching graduate screenwriters at Florida State University's Film School; they can't seem to shake me. I've been so lucky to have such generous and smart colleagues. 
And I'm very excited to start at VCFA, a college I've admired for so long!