Friday, January 27, 2017

New Book of Poems -- out in the world!

Amid all the awfulness -- how can it keep coming at us this fast? -- my new book of poems has made it into the world. INSTRUCTIONS, ABJECT & FUMING -- seems like the exact title of 95% of the Facebook posts I'm drawn to these days.
It's been ten years since I published my last book of poems, and some of these poems were written during the short and terrifying rise of Sarah Palin. (Remember when McCain tried to calm the crowds she riled and stood up for the integrity of his opponent? It seems centuries ago.) I felt sick and bereft -- and was certain that the English language didn't have the words to express what I needed to say and so I went backward, looking for words that we'd lost. Some of these poems draw on those lost words. (I think we're going to need new words this time around.)
If inclined, here's the link. And if you're a reviewer and want a copy, let me know and we'll get you a copy.

For more information, here's the back jacket of the book with quotes from two writers I deeply admire -- Aimee Nezhukumatathil and David Wojahn.