Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NOT ideal timing but ...

Look, I know the timing is tough ... what with it being an Election Day AND one of the most contentious and important elections of our lifetime. BUT my new novel comes out today so IF YOU WANT TO LOOK AWAY, YOU CAN LOOK HERE.

A novel about a fifteen-year-old girl who realizes that she has the ability to move between alternate parallel universes of her own making.

“…The clever, fast-moving plot features a strong, appealing heroine, Sylvia Plath's poetry, romance, betrayal, and heart-stopping suspense…” – Kirkus Reviews

“This ambitious sci-fi novel, filled with multiverses and what-ifs, has a slow and complicated buildup but contains complex world building that would appeal to fans of TV’s Orphan Black.” -- Booklist

“A fantastically fun mind-bender from start to finish, The Infinity of You & Me will thrill its readers and leave them hungry for more!” - Karen Akins, author of Loop and Twist

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