Saturday, September 17, 2016

Let me tell you something ...

Dave and I had been married a while when he made an off-hand comment -- I don't remember what exactly -- but I realized that I'd never really explained what it had been like growing up as a girl, the number of times I'd been really physically afraid that a man was either going to kill me or rape me. I told him stories, one after another. I told him the stories that I grew up with as a girl, that were passed down to me from the women in my family. I told him about the stories in my neighborhood, my schools, things that happened to friends of mine (without revealing names he might know), teammates, girls I didn't know but we all had heard... Things that happened in parks, swimming pools, basement parties, a train, a bar... I'd never told him because it had never really dawned on me to; I was lucky -- by every measure, compared to most women I knew. But when a man threatens a woman's life, women take it seriously. Because men kill women all the time. And little makes me feel sicker than when a man says that women are "full of drama." What's our drama? Men might think we've overreacted to something. What's male drama? A man's gotten drunk and beaten the hell out of a woman.
This Margaret Atwood quote can't be repeated enough. "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."
So today's news marks the second time that Trump has made threatening remarks about his supporters shooting Hillary Clinton. While Trump's made it clear that he's shaken by people laughing at his small hands, he thinks it's okay to threaten a woman's life.
It's not. It's sick and it's twisted. And it's why this election is so personal to so many women in this country.
And what happens, on an international level, when he starts making these comments about other leaders -- our enemies and even our allies who hurt his precious feelings?
I Dedicate My No-Trump Vote to women, girls, daughters, mothers.

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