Wednesday, September 28, 2016


As soon as the dedications started pouring in, it became my job to read heartbreaking, resilient, transcendent stories. Within two days, we'd had over a quarter of a million people visit the site.

Bestselling literary powerhouses like Pam Houston, Jodi Picoult, Pulitzer-prize-winner Richard Russo, National Book Award winner Jeanne Birdsall, and award-winning poet Erin Belieu have offered us incredibly moving dedications. 

Ed Clark is haunted by murders that rocked the black community of his childhood in the 70s; Chantel Acevedo gives tribute to the America she loves; Heather Nicholson warns us about a reemerging racism; Adrienne Su explains racists bullies of her childhood and its echoes in the Trump campaign, and Kerry Neville reminds us of the horrific history that accompanies calling a woman "crazy." 

And there's an anonymous dedication that will rip your heart out. 

Take a look. There's beauty and ugliness and heartbreak and hope ...