Monday, August 15, 2016

Sh*t Baggott Tweets About Writing

Writing a novel is pouring foundation while simultaneously stitching the quilt over the character and dreaming their dreams for them.

Let's say the Idea for a Novel is a locked house; voice is the key to the door, the jimmy for the window.

Writing a novel is drafting blueprints while oil painting a corner of the canvas then revising the blueprints accordingly.

I can sketch the plot but I have to simultaneously write the novel's opening to see if it has texture, voice, urgency.

I call it "mud-hoofing" a scene. Plot-wise something specific must happen. You feel like a puppet-master. Rely on details to make it real.

A grad writing student was telling me about what each professor had taught him. I asked what I'd taught him, had no idea. "You? The body."

When in doubt, remember your character has a body. Writers tend to exist in their heads but the body should sometimes lead.

Writing a novel is being able to build a house while ignoring its sinkholes. You have to be able to write with blind-spots.

Being an incredibly messy person has helped me as a novelist who can write first drafts where I just don't see the mess.

I wrote to music for the first time in my career recently. It turned out to be excellent -- IF you read it with the right soundtrack.

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