Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Text message from a former grad student a couple weeks ago, "Hi! Very strange favor to ask. N-- and I set ourselves a mutual deadline for our respective writing projects, and it’s fast approaching... He and I joked the other day that we’re pretty sure it was just the prospect of your angry face that kept us hitting deadlines when we were at FSU. (Okay, we weren’t joking...it really is terrifying.) So! if it’s not too weird/if you have a second, would you mind taking a quick picture of yourself, the most disapproving look you can muster, and send it to me? I’m 100% positive that if I send that picture to N-- on an hourly basis, he’ll hit his deadline with time to spare. (I might also frame the picture to use for future motivation.)"
I indulged her with a very disapproving selfie.
For any of you writers -- including my former students -- who might need some motivation, here I am, disapproving of you for even being ON Facebook.
This picture is titled, "Are you serious with that excuse?" -- or the alternate title, the classic, "I'm not mad; I'm just disappointed."
PS For you process nerds out there, this is actually data-driven -- check out Thinking Fast and Slow, the mention of the British lab with the snack bar, paid with an honesty box.