Thursday, April 28, 2016

new essay on the body (well, my body, in particular)

The essay about my body (which isn't getting any younger) that I wrote for Real Simple is now online. It starts with my daughter, a sculptor, asking me to pose for her work. Her theme? Deterioration of the body. (Thanks for thinking of me?) 

Warning. It gets graphic -- like I refer to my breasts as my sad Walter Matthau eyes; they’re that soulful-looking these days.

I've gotten such stunning emails and letters about it from women of many different ages, which really surprised me. 

Here's the link. (Note: There's an editorial gaff -- a small paragraph near the end interrupts the piece and then is repeated later. Sorry about that. Out of my hands.)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

cover reveal!

The cover of my upcoming novel THE INFINITY OF YOU & ME at last! J.Q. Coyle is my joint pen-name with the ever-brilliant Quinn Dalton. The novel -- it's technically YA -- comes out with St. Martin's this fall. Writing it was one wild ride -- alternate parallel universes, Sylvia Plath, infinite forests ...