Friday, February 5, 2016

notes from the wall

when i'm writing a novel -- in addition to the charts taped to the walls (sometimes on the back of wrapping paper and often in layers, not bothering to take the old ones down) -- i write notes to my future self about what i think is going to happen. i store these at the beginning of the document.
my experience this morning is the closest thing to time travel (aside from high-school reunions) that i know of. it's the moment when i've lost the thread and after weeks of not looking at the opening notes of where it's going or the wall charts, i go backward to go forward.
i read the notes that Baggott-past has written to Baggott-future which is Baggott-present, as i know her. and i'm deeply indebted to Baggott-past for not trusting Baggott-future to remember the overarching plot lines and writing them down, wild guesses and all.