Friday, November 6, 2015

Boston Globe piece with lotso shout-outs...

So a shout-out here to my mother, Glenda Baggott "a helicopter parent before there were helicopter parents" and one of my all-time favorite storytellers in the BOSTON GLOBE. Also a shout-out to my son Finn, when he was in utero, the Worcester Public Library, Harriet Wolf, Holy Cross, and the new book coming out this month ALL OF US & EVERYTHING, under my pen name Bridget Asher. A catch-all in 300 words or less and my face as cartoon, which my face appreciates.

In fact .... I think I'd actually prefer to be a cartoon for a while -- at least try it out. It's like a little painless facelift -- like MOONLIGHTING's blurred rendering of Cybill Shepherd.