Thursday, November 19, 2015


Inside the pages of PEOPLE magazine -- God bless you, sexy David Beckham -- you'll find my new novel in BEST NEW BOOKS! Mitch Albom's looking a little tall, casting a shadow, sure, but I'm there, my head in a little circle, ALL OF US AND EVERYTHING all big and bright behind me.
Some days, to be honest, it's better to be Bridget Asher than Baggott. Today is one of those days, but so were the days while writing this novel. I loved writing about this odd family (all families are odd), in particular about three sisters.
At the start, one sister is trying to understand the language of elephants while living in a longhouse in Vietnam; one's a self-proclaimed marriage-profiteer (who's come from a long line of profiteers) having a breakdown in her ex's apartment in the Caledonia in West Chelsea; and another has just found out through the headmaster that her husband's fallen in love while chaperoning a boarding-school trip to Europe; her 15-year-old daughter's instinct is to live-tweet the dissolution of her family.
And then there's Augusta, their anti-establishment mother, and Nick who is, in fact, a spy. To create Nick, I had the pleasure of talking to someone who'd worked in intelligence all his life; I was looking for the toll the job takes on love, family.
This review uses the word sexy and in a magazine with Beckham on the cover, that's one fine compliment. But what I love is that this novel is an indulgence. I was unrestrained while writing it with the hope that readers would feel unrestrained while reading it.
To my fellow writers, I'll confess -- there's nothing quite like the moment when you take off the literary handcuffs and tear into writing story -- rip-snorting story. In the end, my literary leanings are all there. Nothing I can do to really shake them from the page, but it's dreamy to let fly like this. Completely dreamy.
You know what else is dreamy? Clare Anne Darragh, once upon a time, my college roommate and one of the most bad-ass people I know -- and I know a lot of bad asses.
This novel is for my sisters -- I adore you all, the ones who were chosen for me and the ones I got to choose.