Thursday, September 17, 2015

Personal for Promotional, one for one swap.

1. Early on when I was on book tours, I used to pretend I was late for flights and sprint through airports. Day after day of late nights and early wake-ups and then feeling penned and shuttled, I was so restless that I couldn't help it; it was like being set loose, something wild in a big enough cage, but also strangely it's one of those rare places that a woman in jeans and boots can start sprinting and it's social acceptable. (Update: I now lounge in airports...) 

2. Just heard that Harriet Wolf is an EDITOR'S CHOICE at AudioFile Magazine and just won Earphones Award! This is really an award for the actors who voiced the roles so I'll pull the part that mentions each by name, "Jodi Carlisle depicts Harriet's anxious, resentful daughter, Eleanor, while Katie Koster and Christine Lakin offer spot-on portrayals of her granddaughters, agoraphobic/claustrophobic Tilton and prodigal Ruth. But Harriet is the story's heart. Susan Silo is outstanding as she rasps and whispers her droll asides, skewering characters with choice observations. Part romance, part mystery, this completely engaging and wondrous tale is an audiobook listeners will want to hear again ASAP."

Here is the full review!