Saturday, August 22, 2015

Interview in the Baltimore Sun

I've written about Baltimore in so many of my novels and I'm very happy that in this Baltimore Sun interview (that just popped up today!) I finally get to explain why the city holds such literary grit for me. I talk about the historical Baltimore-based parts of HARRIET WOLF as well as baseball in writerly terms (a shout to catcher Mackey Sasser who started double-clutching on his throws to the pitcher), the creative process I built (how it's made me prolific), the ways I've faked myself into writing even when I felt like I couldn't go on.

And, yes, mentions of Loyola -- I wouldn't have gone if not for David Barrosse mentioning the school in passing in the halls -- and there's an odd compliment about the range of readers my work appeals to. Also thankful they pulled a lovely quote from Robert Olen Butler, one of the most generous writers I know.

(Note. I think I grew up north of the state line -- east? The plane crash was moved forward in time, not back. And the reference to MD School for Feeble Minded Children wasn't in a footnote in the book on Sheppard Pratt, as I state in the acknowledgments. I think it's p. 44. My fault.)