Saturday, August 29, 2015


So, I rant a little in this guest-post at Writer Unboxed, and I hesitate to post this here because it will land with the community that really supports writers so incredibly well. But I write what I wish someone had broken down for me long ago and so I forge on with some hard truths like:
"People who say the right things will be loved a little more strongly. People who say the wrong things will go on a subconscious shit-list. The silence of those who say nothing will, over time, wear down the writer."
And ... "If the writer weren’t a writer but instead owned a taco truck parked nearby, would you feel weird never having stopped by to eat there? Two taco platters and two drinks cost about the same as a book. Buy your friend’s book."
Here is: One Rule and 12 Tips for Writers and their Family and their Friends. I hope there's something helpful in the mix.