Thursday, August 13, 2015

From the writer's desk ... notes.

Showing the chart for a work in progress. The numbers are pages; each character has a code -- lines, dots, letters -- and if they're above the line, those characters exist in one geographical location together and below represents another.

In this way, I can see, for example, that the cursive e's -- the character who starts the narrative -- goes relatively unheard from in the middle timeline, a real problem. The middle timeline shows the introduction of character marked by the letter N, who's minor.

I also jot a one-word understanding of the scene above or below the line.

These charts are out of date pretty quickly as I go in and spend a day back-filling information that I realize is missing -- shoving all the page numbers off.


Order it at your local independent bookstore.

It'll be at the front table at BN for a bit, but here's the link:…/1120878228…