Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Don't Shout at Sir Ben Kingsley.

A few weeks ago we were in NYC with three of the kids and saw Sir Ben Kingsley, elegant in a tux, waiting for a car to pull around. I told my kids that I had the instinct to shout out, "The greatest currency of an actor is stillness and silence!" which he once said on INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO. 

My 18 year old whispered reverently as if not wanting to scare off a rare bird, "He's doing that ... right ... now." 

And Kingsley was both still and silent. 

We moved on and later in the hotel room, getting into bed, I imagined him getting into bed somewhere in the city and how, if I had said it, he'd be trying to fall asleep, thinking, "Why the hell did that woman shout that at me? I mean, was she schooling me in acting?" And maybe, just as he was drifting off, he might remember that he said it to James Lipton that one time or maybe not.

In any case, one shouldn't shout at others and I didn't.

In a separate incident, my 18 year old was trying to pass in front of a bunch of people clumped in front of a window display at Barney's and just as he was scooting by them, he looked up and saw Sarah Jessica Parker dancing on the other side of the glass. It was disorienting.

[Don't shout at Sir Ben Kingsley but do feel free to buy books and I've got just the one.]