Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jarkmen, another word for novelists ...

Signing copies of THE EVER BREATH for Mt. Aviat Academy and glanced at the cast of characters: Ickbee, Artwhip, Cragmeal (Former King of the Jarkmen), Dobbler, Praddle, Grossbeak, Coldwidder, Otwell Prim (the Ogre of the Webbly Wood), Erswat, Mr. Ostwiser, Swelda, plus some locales: Idgits Inkhorn and Plume Shop, The Office of Official Affairs, and Edwell's Hops and Chops House. The leads are Truman and Camille, but, to be honest, one of the characters I most enjoyed writing in my life was Binder Bigby of the Elite Bigbys -- a mouse puffed up with a lot of fear and ego who does the right thing. 

Side note: Jarkmen -- a real word. It means a vagabond counterfeiter of documents (as licenses, passes, certificates) -- or, to my mind, a novelist.