Friday, March 7, 2014

The most popular post on this blog is about Women Writers and Ambition, VIDA's Annual Count and Marriage. People often want to know how my relationship with Dave works. He's the stay-at-home Dad and my creative partner; I'm the sole breadwinner -- and there's no real way to talk about my writing career, creative process, prolific nature without coming back to Dave. So, this week, for my occasional column at Writer Unboxed, Dave suggested this, “This time, write a letter to the people behind the scenes in a writer’s life. Tell them how it’s done.” Since he's actually the one who should tell others how it's done, I called on him to jump in and write. So, here's a little bit of me and some David Scott on "The Care and Feeding of Writers." 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

David Scott -- my partner, all around -- has been adding covers of foreign editions of my books to this page. It's always strange to see my name on a book (or Bridget Asherkova?) that I've supposedly written but can't read a word of. There are now over 100 foreign editions of my books -- out or forthcoming -- and there are times when we really can't even identify which language they're written in, sadly. Anyway, here are some artistic variations on covers -- representing (I'm assuming) some wonderful work from translators I truly rely on. It's really like some uber-fluent dream-version of me is busy while I sleep. Take a look.