Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My mother, Glenda Baggott, says that I've suggested too many books, and she doesn't know what to choose. She emailed that she wants something like my upcoming book The Bloomed Life of Harriet Wolf (which is nice of her and very much what the mother of writer should say but really, really specific). My mother and I are huge Lee Smith fans so on an off-chance I looked up if Lee has a new book out AND she does AND it's about a child prodigy pianist (my mother is a pianist) AND it's partially set in an asylum early in the 20th century (which makes it a little like Harriet Wolf) AND it's set in North Carolina; my mother's a North Carolinian. So I'm pretty sure that Lee Smith wrote GUESTS ON EARTH for Glenda Baggott. http://www.leesmith.com/