Thursday, January 16, 2014

Delaware, my small wonder, the nation's first state but also mine, my homeland, my mother-tongue (a mix of Baltimore's nasal "o" and Philly's tight-jawed "ight") I miss you -- how the Mason Dixon line stops dead at your door (there's even a bump in the pavement), how you're tiny but contain multitudes (coastal but farmland but also small towns -- including my own little collegial one -- but urban). You're sadly known as the place where dead soldiers come home again; it has to be somewhere. Land of incorporation and small boasts: a mascot of Blue Hens and Poe once slept here, as did Mason Dixon and their pet bear, you gave us all Valerie Bertinelli, the dead-pan actress in Parks and Rec, George Thorogood & The Destroyers, of course, and Biden (though maybe you should talk to Scranton about dibs). A place where you can call up the governor and have a conversation (and you now have a great one: Jack Markell -- currently tweeting about a real plan to get all college-ready kids to college, despite income). My homing device -- that relentless pigeon inside each of us -- is set to you. Alas.