Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Show to Recommend: GETTING ON.


After watching the first episode of GETTING ON, my main thought was that it was a privilege to get to see the work -- it's funny and smart and devastating and, especially in the second episode, Laurie Metcalf, is so brilliant, so subtly. (And her face -- a natural face, unstiffened by too many anti-aging attempts -- is all the more detailed and nuanced. She just has more range than others who've had so much work done.) As jaded as we are about sex and explosions in the entertainment industry, by God, I feel like I'm watching theater, really, really fantastic theater. Niecy Nash and Ellen Borstein, superb. 
Now I have a bias. One of the reasons I'm a writer is because I spent a lot of time as a teenager in my grandmother's nursing home. I made rounds, to be honest. I was well aware of memories eroding, lives washing away. It developed in me a hoarder's desire to collect, and I feel like it's a wonderful place to hit some of our deepest emotional intersections -- humor and loss, strength and ultimate frailty. I'm just thankful that this show is an option -- that people, first in the UK then here at HBO, took it on.