Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What am I getting you guys for the holidays? Words. New vocabulary. From our house to yours.

1. Aikman, noun, definition: The wrinkle horizontal wrinkle between eyebrows due to aging (or football helmets), not to be confused with the "eleven" which are vertical wrinkles.
Used in a sentence: You're thinking so hard, you've got an Aikman. Or: Should I Botox this Aikman?

2. Southerland, verb or noun, definition: wearing a long shirt or sweater but no pants. (Derivation? Animal House.)
Used in a sentence: Oh, I didn't know you were Southerlanding today -- why no pants? Or: Can we have a rule like no Southerlands in the kitchen?

3. Bobo-rando, noun, definition: stray guest brought to the party and/or holiday.
Used in context: Person A: Who's the guy in the elf shoes bogarting the shrimp? Person B: Some bobo-rando who Janet showed up with.

4. Of course we wouldn't be a true Red Sox family if we didn't say the best new word of the year is "rejubilation," offered to us by Victorino who seemed to invent the word live and on-air after putting his team into the World Series. (Just also such a great interview because you see how his everyone counted me out mindset was put to use. Writers, take note.) I don't think I have to define this one for you.