Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The New England Chapter of Non-New Englanders

Thinking of starting The New England Chapter of Non-New Englanders. To join, you have to have been raised elsewhere or if raised in New England, you have to have lived outside of the region longer than you lived in it. There will be rules, of course. No chin-uppedness, lots of over-sharing, encouraged whining, explicit question-asking, TMI and bragging required, ridiculous stories that can't possibly be true, yes, bring it; no talking about organic foods or farm-shares of ANY sort; weather-bitching will have its own time-slot, but no one is permitted to over-enthuse about "foliage"; no comfortable shoe-wearing; sandals with thick socks will result in immediate termination of your membership; it will simply not be tolerated. Ditto Whole Foods.