Thursday, November 14, 2013

In Praise of my Father, Bill Baggott

My father, Bill Baggott, whom I love and adore, has published his first book. For the past year or more, I'd ask him, "How's the novel coming?" And he'd say, "Not well. I write badly. The characters are wooden. And I actually got so bored I had to stop for the day." On top of writing the book, my father -- not an artist -- decided to paint his own cover. "I wanted the poor quality of the book to be reflected in the artwork for the cover," he explained. AND NOW that the book is out, he made his own pr swag -- little bookmarks with blurbs on them. He said, "I didn't want to bother real people, asking them to read the book so I made them up."


"...The first half of the book is rather boring, but the second half is better..." Chicago Daily Planet

"...The writing style is bland, but informative..." Christian Science Mentor

"... The cover design and art are nicely matched to the amateur level of the wriring..." NYTunes (the typo, though discovered after printing, seemed perfect to my father so he didn't print new ones.)

AND my personal fave: "... We understand that, mercifully, the author had a day job outside the arts." Rolling Stoned Magazine.

The novel BLOODLINE 1777-1797 is not available wherever books are sold. In fact, unless you're part of my Dad's side of the family -- did I mention it's based on family history? -- it isn't available at all.