Sunday, April 28, 2013

wait. baggott on a lobster boat?

so dave posted the link yesterday to the Damariscotta Lake Writers' Conf. while i was away in TX on a panel trying to be, you know, coherent, and my mom clicked on the link. later, we talked on the phone and she said, "did you know you're going to be speaking on a LOBSTER BOAT?"
i said, "what? no, there's no boat."
"i told your dad that there's no way my daughter knew about the lobster boat. you're going to get out of that, aren't you?"
"is there really a lobster boat?"
"ask dave."
"he'd have told me."
"maybe he doesn't know about it either, but it says on the thing that you're the hog lecturer --"
"boss hog," i say, a nervous joke, because now i'm afraid of the lobster boat.
"and," my mother presses on, "they say that lecturer is talking all day on a lobster boat!"
"i had trouble at that bateau mouche restaurant last summer. just reaching for the salt and there's this slight shift under your seat."
"well, you'll just have to tell them that you're not speaking on that lobster boat. that's all there is to it."
today, i look up the link and damn if she's not right about the CLEAR indication of a lobster boat: "the academic centerpiece of the week is the Hog Island Lecture, for which participants climb aboard Kieve’s lobster boat, the Snow Goose, to spend a day with an established writer in an interactive class and informal gatherings."

Full link with 411.