Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why I love reading in my home state

A woman comes up after the reading for the signing -- about twenty years older than I am or so. We talk about her question from the Q and A a bit. Chattiness. I look down at the book, ready to sign and ask her who she'd like me to make it out to. She says, "Oh, you can just make it out to Mrs. Spring." I whip around -- and there she is: my kindergarten teacher. I say, "You changed your glasses! How can you expect people to recognize you if you change your glasses!" She used to wear boxy 70s frames, of course. So I make the book out, noting that she chose me to play the little fish in the kindergarten production of "The Little Fish." It was kind of my first big break. She said, "Well you were very very small." I said, "So it was type casting?"