Monday, March 11, 2013

AWP 2003(?) Baltimore and 10 Years Later: A Photo Reenactment

At AWP in Baltimore circa 2002 or 2003, Dave and I met up with Todd Pierce and Ryan VanCleave, and thought it was a great idea to take a picture in the elevator.

This is the result:

On the 10th Anniversary of this Photo -- more or less? -- we decided to reenact in an elevator with Suzanne Roberts as photographer and this other woman who was fantastic and is married to a Frenchman and whose name I can't remember as our stylist.

This is the result:

Dave's STRAND shirt has actually been worn to shreds and no longer exists. I believe that Todd Pierce did not properly get into the reenactment and looks jadedly bemused. Van Cleave's odd growly face is excellent and perfectly preserved.

We did our best.