Friday, March 1, 2013

A Lesson in Pacing; Today I'm at Writer Unboxed.

I've recently started as a contributor at WRITER UNBOXED -- here's my craft piece on MUSICOLOGY OF THE NOVEL: A LESSON IN STRUCTURE AND PACING (with some charts...) I offer a tool to make the non-tangible novel a little more tangible and to test its pacing and how to balance multiple points of view. This is something you can do when the creative generative part of your mind is burnt but you still want to roll up your sleeves and get another angle; this is a way to see your work from the window of a plane -- looking down on farmland.

 (Of course, I also talk about being raised by a pianist and my childhood dog's nervous pals.)
 "There’s a time when you must exist, submerged — alone and drowning — in the world you’ve created. You have to dwell there until the fine silt of your subconscious rises in clouds and you can’t see anything around you. You have to exist by touch and feel. But then there are times when you come up for air. When you are taking those steadying breaths of again, and this might be the time to approach your work, chartingly..."
As ever, hope it helps. The Link.