Sunday, February 17, 2013


As of today, I am the mother of an adult human being -- an eighteen year old. (For those who follow her work, she's currently making a hoop skirt out of forks. For those PURE fans, this is the kid who inspired Lyda's bird of wire.) The 12 year old wrote a huge 18 in the snowy front yard with food coloring. She got gifts last night in the style of a game show about her life. I'm not a birthday person generally, but as I've gotten choked up about this birthday a few times last week, I'm thinking I might cry at some point -- to everyone's embarrassment. Dave and I -- third and fourth born in our families, respectively -- are so thankful that we had a first-born, to help rule this roost. Just last week, in response to overhearing a comment by me, she shouted out, "No, I'm not undermining your parenting! I'm just offering another, better option!"

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