Thursday, December 20, 2012

Warning: Bragging will follow.

I'm going to brag, and I'm not going to couch this one. My oldest daughter graduates a semester early from high school this month with a perfect 4.0; she was #1 in her class until our move when she decided to finish online. The perfect GPA isn't what I'm proud of though. I'm proud because of what she had to overcome -- reading disabilities, tracking issues, dyslexia. I'm proud because it took her three times longer than most to do each assignment. I'm proud because of her incredible determination, her fierce competitive nature, her focus and drive. I'm proud of her because it was so brutally hard. (And I'm proud of her obsessive note-taking that she turned into a hand stitched paper dress.) I know the long nights and the anxiety and the toughness. She kept pushing. She never gave up.
To all her teachers out there, thank you. Teaching her to read was like trying to teach someone to read a quickly moving brook -- with small whirlpools and eddies. You've had so much patience and shared in the joys.
I am so damn proud and it's one of my favorite kinds of pride -- I'm proud of her because of what wasn't given, but what was earned.
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