Thursday, October 4, 2012


[The day after the first presidential debate.] 
So maybe it's obvious why, this morning, I needed Bruce -- the Boss -- I needed "this town rips the bones from your back". I wanted someone who's raged for those who struggle. I wanted a Democrat rocker to sing it for me. But at the beginning of this youtube video from a live show, he says, all breathless and rough, "Remember, in the end, nobody wins unless everybody wins."

That's my America.

I'm so tired of hate. I'm so tired of people calling almost half this country parasites. I'm so tired of this divided America. Knock it off. Shut up, haters. Pick a president for the 100%. Vote. And I swear if some divisive hater writes back to me today -- blaming the poor, blaming those who work hard, blaming the elderly, blaming everyone around them, including PBS, I will -- and this is no idle threat -- start quoting Rocky and Jesus. Do not mess with me today.

Rock out.