Thursday, May 3, 2012


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Ages ago, THE ANYBODIES TRILOGY was in development with Nickelodeon/Paramount. And N.E. Bode -- the fearless author -- was joyful, stewing in a stewy stew of hope. And yet things did not work out perfectly, and Bode's fingers metaphorically pruned in that stew ... Now flash-forward ...

I just found out that legendary Bob Shaye -- the man who founded New Line -- has optioned the trilogy. We'll see if it finds a nice shiny new home.

I love the way this trilogy lives on. I get emails from glittery-minded kids, teachers, parents about their love for these characters and their book-filled world.

And as the creator of Bode -- but not Bode myself -- I can say that Bode, dimpled with doughy innocence -- and still breathlessly hounded by his insanely jealous creative writing professor -- is steamingly happy with this turn of events.


The Anybodies was one of PEOPLE MAGAZINE's top five book picks for 'what's cool this summer," alongside Bill Clinton and David Sedaris.

"Potter-style magic meets Snicket-y irreverence in a saga of a girl swapped at birth and raised by 'tragically dull' parents."-- People magazine