Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Want to fuse your fist to a doll-head? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT. (Well, those are some words I never imagined stringing together.)

So, yes. There's a PURE APP and it's free. CLICK HERE. Doll-head fused to your fist? Gears embedded in your neck? Some birds? Yep. Plus, architectural designs of the dome, a crucial newspaper clipping from Bradwell's trunk, and Lyda's bird (it spins)... You can even read an excerpt.

How in the hell does an app come to be? Here's the story behind the story -- about all of the extra materials for PURE.

At first the publisher asked us for any ideas for cool extra materials. I already had some. For years, I had a growing map that I'd add to while the world of PURE took hold -- pinned to a cork board in my office (now on the UK web site). To understand the Dome, my father (once an engineer) drew up some architectural drawings (now in the app). Lyda's bird, which she'll never see on display, was inspired by an actual wire bird made by my oldest daughter -- a wire bird with filigree ribs (now spinning in the app).

Yes. They loved all of these. What else?

What else? I had no idea. I went back through the book. I created a few things: Lyda's insanity file (see app), handbook pages for Academy Boys and Girls (saved for Book II), a Righteous Red Wave museum flier (see web site), a Righteous Red Wave poster (web site), El Capitan's notebook where he experiments with poisonous foods on OSR soldiers (see web site -- I LOVE these drawings done by a brilliant artist). I wrote the text of a newspaper clipping about Ellery Willux and used a previously created image given to me by the publisher to place it in (see app).

Great. They loved that. They suggested an ad from Bradwell's trunk. We took a pic of our collie in sunglasses and something from the immediate post-apocalypse... Dave and my oldest daughter got out plywood and spray-painted the pieces for the sign (Web site: see here and here).

These things took over our house for a while. The wire bird in an app should spin, right? So she hooked the bird on a string to the ceiling of our garage, marking out a circle below and shot 32 frames of the bird in an exact circle. (See app.)

She recreated THE MESSAGE that falls from the hull of an airplane after the detonations -- staining it with tea, burning its edges ... (see web site). I also wrote a page from Bradwell's parents' manuscript which was burnt a bit too (see here).

Now the actual fusings -- taking a pic of yourself with something fused to you and the post-apocalyptic after-effects? Way over our heads. All done in-house at Hachette. In fact, they're the ones who took all the bits and pieces -- in the UK and the US -- and designed and arranged and made accessible all of these wonderful, weird things.