Monday, March 5, 2012

Post in which I say things not meant to sound like I really just want you to buy a freakin' copy of PURE, if not for yourself then for someone else.

This Sunday, The New York Times Book Review chose PURE as an Editor's Choice -- in a wild pack of books. (And I've always kinda wanted French bebes -- so I'm digging the here's-how -- as I'm probably not going to get one the old fashioned way. Hey, Dave, c'mon. That was meant to be joke-y.)

Here's a nod from The Guardian (UK) on PURE, in which, this: "Baggott tells what might have been an overly grim tale with crystalline precision, offering a hint of hope in the novels to follow." (Oh, yes, hope, of course! There will be hope, but, too, I can go grimmer, dearest Guardian, and next time my precision might be used to do just that! And thank you, thank you. And I love being on a list with Anne Rice.)

I've heard that PURE is featured in the current issue of TIME MAGAZINE in a piece called "Love Amid the Ruins" by the brilliant writer Lev Grossman. (If you don't know Lev Grossman's novels, start digging in. Seriously.) picks PURE along with THE STARBOARD SEA (debut by Amber Dermont; surely you remember her 1/2 Dozen, right?) for 20-Somethings Spring Break reads. I think it's fair to confess that I didn't read on spring breaks in college. In fact, I got purposefully blurry-eyed, but here's hoping today's youth, well, at least might enjoy a little "post-apocalypse thrill-ride" (to quote Steven Schneider, producer of the Paranormal Activity franchise who rules this demographic, no?).