Sunday, March 18, 2012

Open Letter to You: The Things We Forget to tell Our Kids -- An Invitation.

This past week, we heard a friend's diagnosis -- he hopes to make it to the spring. He has an amazing wife -- strong and brave and loving -- and two fantastic kids. He is also an incredible soul, moving through this with true grace.

Of course, I've thought of my own mortality and Dave's, and one reflection keeps coming back to me -- all the things left unsaid. There are so many things I want to tell my children -- to write down for them that I haven't ... days pass and I don't get to it.

That procrastination ends today.

These are the stories I want to hand down -- part-fact, part-story handed down generation after generation, whittled and yet also made magical -- of the people they come from, how we got here, what they have locked inside of themselves.

I'll begin as far back as I can -- on my mother's side that brings us to a baby found in grapevines and on my father's side a sheep thief auctioned off on a dock.

Here's the invitation:
Think of all the stories -- all of the lives -- we've lost, words wandered off into thin air. Today, I start to keep. I hope each of you is inspired to do the same -- to write it down, not for money, not for publication, but just to keep it.