Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Shiny New 12 Year Old.

In addition to some great film work this year -- including starring roles in the gritty, violent Kids with Guns directed by Logan Rees & the really beautiful period piece A Pony for Connie by Tansy Michaud ...

(Wish I had a large shot of this.)

as well as some filming of his own, Theo might be best expressed in a montage of soccer pics this birthday ...

A. Here he is on the field. His footwork is key, of course, but, seriously, he's got some Christiano Ronaldo eyebrows in the making here.

B. Like his old man, here he is politely requesting that the ref reconsider.

And C. Here's some incredibly beautiful form:

Happy Birthday to my brand new (brilliant, funny, artful, athletic, well-eyebrowed...) 12 year old!