Monday, February 13, 2012

Publishing Trends, Writerly Advice to Fiction Writers , and My Runty Childhood,

1. Here's my piece in today Tampa Bay Times on publishing trends -- from Chick Lit to dystopia -- and why post-apocalyptic books now, as well as how they can function as a bond from parent to teen ... Click here.

2. WRITERLY ADVICE to Fiction Writers. When asked in interviews what books I've drawn on, I often mention poets. I feel strongly that fiction writers should read poetry. It schools fiction writers in honing an image, in relying on that image without explanation; in epiphany, poetry works in bursts of epiphany; and often tight narration. Some poets tell a massive narrative in a very small space.

3. Sometimes an interviewer asks a question that really gets into your head and makes you come to a startling revelation. Here's one of those questions in action -- I realize, real-time while writing, that I AM one of my characters in a way I'd never have realized otherwise. It was asked by a fellow novelist LYDIA NETZER whose debut novel SHINE SHINE SHINE pubs this year.