Monday, February 20, 2012

Open Letter to the Catholic Church: I am the 98%

Dear Catholic Church,

Hi. You don't believe I exist, but I am the 98%. I am the 98% of Catholic women who, during the course of their lives, use birth control. (Wake up, fellas.) And let's get this straight: I'm a mother of four. I'm that straight, non-divorced, from a big-family, procreating woman you seem to be so keen on.

And I've left you -- in large part because you seem so keen on straight, non-divorced, big-family, procreation -- to the detriment of others -- while, at the same time, being pretty anti-woman. That, and you try to tell me how to vote.

AND ... there is the sex abuse scandal and the incredible lack of honesty. We've discussed this.

At the end of the above NPR piece I wrote:

I feel adrift, homeless. My Catholic imagination allows me to see the soul as a lit breath, seeking the divine. It persists.

And, in the end, I remind my mother, it isn't the church that calls us home.

Our hearts are broken, but our souls aren't.

And now I have to tell you I still believe in God. I just no longer believe in you, the Church -- or should I say the Institution? And maybe it's because you don't believe in me.

(What would happen if you started to believe in me again?)


Julianna Baggott -- who will always be Catholic, wired-so.

P.S. For more on this, read Sheila Curran's piece here.