Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something I'll Never Forget.

There are moments that you recognize in your life as ones in which you see the future -- and it's here -- and you realize, even as you're experiencing the moment, that you'll remember where you were and who you were with and, vaguely, the damp stain of emotion.

This is how it started. Yesterday someone sent me a link to a book app. I didn't know what a book app was, exactly, but it was for kids, had won awards; we have an iPad. I sent the link to Dave and told him we should buy it. $4.99, not much of an investment, and made by the man who brought us Wilbur Robinson. We were in good hands -- William Joyce's hands.

I worked late and Dave "read" to Oti before bed. When I saw Dave that night, he said, "Jules, it's amazing. The book, the movie. You have to see it."

Cool, I thought, exhausted, and went to bed.

I woke up to my 4 year old's face. "I want to watch the book movie."


"The book movie! I want to watch the book movie!"

I came to and figured it out. The kid was set up with the iPad, the day drove on. Dave took the iPad with him on the way to pick Oti up from preK because watching it on the way home was something that had been properly pleaded for. My parents watched the book movie with Oti in the afternoon. And then finally, it's bedtime and my turn to read to Oti.

My eleven year old showed up too. And we read it together. But there is no reading. There's a short animated, word-less film (though filled with words) and then a version where the book narrates to you with words on the page. The story itself is stunning, emotional, beautiful. I cried at the end -- so moved by it. (If you're wrecked every time you see the life-set-to-music section of UP, you'll cry here too.)

The pages are all touchable -- and I'm pretty sure you have to be with a kid to know how they all work. The kids can spell things out, play the piano, make things fly and talk and dance and turn day to night, change the seasons, rotate a house in a twister ...

Right now, my two youngest are playing with certain pages found in the book or film or movie book, as Oti calls it.

I watched The Making Of which fascinates -- the back story of Hurricane Katrina, the inspiration from old films, the emotional range of the simple music, the artistry of it all.

In case you want to know what I'm raving about ... HERE. Check it out [child not required].