Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post-Apocalyptic Writer on the Road ...

Okay, so PURE pubs in about two weeks, and I've been a post-apocalyptic writer on the road -- and finally kind of getting that I AM, deep down, a person who lives in fear of the apocalypse, perhaps raised that way. (Lo, I have written about my sweet mother, the hyper-phobic matriarch made of the hearty starch of uber-protective love so you know what I'm getting at...)

Item A.

This week in New Orleans walking on Bourbon Street, Dave asked me where I wanted to eat. I said, "How about a place that doesn't have a TB feel to it?"

He said, "You know when people cough like that you don't have to look back to see how it all turned out."

"Right," I said, "right. Don't look back! Stop looking back!"

So, maybe it's just me and I'm kinda prissy and all, but Bourbon and Royal Streets have a kind of Old World ripe-for-a-Black-Plague feel ... which is basically the apocalyptic writer in me surfacing.

Item B.

This week in Dallas, I only wanted to see THE GRASSY KNOLL.

Item C.

And I heard that the tv show Dallas was coming back -- with original actor of J.R. -- but wasn't he shot? I mean, seriously, wasn't that the reverberating phrase of my childhood? The two most ponderous questions of my youth were (correct me if I'm wrong) Where's the beef? and Who shot J.R.? (It was an era of great questioning and deep introspection...)

Item D.

A general observation: In a bookstore, an optimistic writer (a rare specimen, I'd like to meet one some day), will say that if there are no copies of your book, they must have sold out and if they have lots, well then, they really stocked up! The pessimistic writer (a plentiful breed -- like the writer gene and the pessimistic gene are side by side on some lowly part of the chromosome) is going to say if there are none that they didn't even order any and if there are many that no one's buying.

Listen, I'm writing a lot these days -- bloggishly -- but just not here. I'm doing Q and A's at blogs scattered all over the place. And so I'll be giving random buckshot updates ... but expect no cogent thought here -- not for a while. (Book II of the trilogy, FUSE, is on my desk, marked up with edits from my editor and while not being in traveling salesman mode, I'll be in deep ... very deep...)