Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My 15 Year Old Accidentally Busted for a Moccupy-Occupy Movement

So it starts benignly. My 15 year old and his friend are waiting to get their pictures taken for Drama Club -- like all of the other clubs in the school. It's cold outside -- not like really cold, Florida-cold but they're uber chilly. So they decide to make a sign to press to the window that reads: "We Demand Entrance!" The friend holds the sign and my son fist-pumps lazily.

Here I should add that this is a private school -- a good, smart, thoughtful type of private school, though it perhaps leans a bit toward the conservative.

The sign miraculously works. They're let in. Buoyed by this successful demand via a sign, they make other signs.

After some embarrassing debate over the correct spelling of the word "OCCUPY," they opt for "We are the 99%." By this, one figures that they meant they were the 99% still waiting to get their club picture taken alongside all the other clubs -- it's a school with a high over-achiever population, lots of clubs.

They go on to create a "Close the gap" sign, making it read "Close the gap between high honor roll and honor roll." (My son teeters on the lower edge of plain honor roll so this was a bold move.)

Now there are many kids with signs and many more in the making.

A young stray English teacher walks by and shouts encouragingly, "Stir the pot, son!"

Things are going well -- so well that when one kid asks my son what he's doing, he answers, "Protesting! This is the beginning of Protest Club!"

Within minutes there's a Facebook page entitled "OCCUPY [Name of School Here]".

Now let's keep in mind who we're dealing with here. Now, my DAUGHTER, well, she aspires to be pepper-sprayed, but this one? No. He's here not to OCCUPY but to MOCCUPY -- if you get me.

So eventually, the person in charge of organizing the photography of all the clubs at this school shouts at my son, "Gentlemen! Put the sign down!" BUT the best part is this: this teacher had a bullhorn on him. A bullhorn! I don't know why or how the organization of photographing clubs required a bullhorn -- or perhaps he'd just strolled in from some bullhorn specific event.

But there it was. My son in a Moccupy Moment was yelled at through a bullhorn. A thing of beauty, a memory to behold forever. He was ORDERED TO STAND DOWN THROUGH A BULLHORN!

(My daughter, on the other hand, would have spearheaded a NORMA RAE moment.)

But my actor son put his sign down, shrugged, and posed for his Drama Club photo -- which was why he was there in the first place.

When I asked him if I could write about it, he said, "Try to do my bravery justice!" with his fist clenched and raised in the air.