Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Author's Assitant Needed. Geekiness a plus.

[This is a serious job post. This job might be perfect for a college-age or even mature(ish) high-school student or lonesome blogger.]

Geek needed. Preferably a Goth and/or Hipster Geek who's organized and tech-savvy and reads too much genre fiction.

It's basically an unglamorous job. It entails drudgery and schlepping. The person who takes on the position can do a lot of it from home -- noodling with blogger hyperlinks, creating educational stuff, occasionally having to sound smart on the phone.

It'd be great if this person knew basic technological stuff -- like the concept behind tweeting and how to navigate the jungles of goodreads and what an app is. Being bloggerish, readerly, into genre (seriously, zombie-fans welcome) are all a plus.

Part-time. $10/hour. Email or message Julianna Baggott at Facebook.