Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baggott & Asher Writerly Boot Camp. Day 18.

the stripped down version.
No frills.

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1. Memory Exercise. This is designed to guide you (goad you) into mucking around where the important, psychologically resonant stuff is stored.

Today, jot a memory associated with YOUR conception and one associated with your birth.

Jot a memory of slapping someone or being slapped.

A trip from your childhood.

Favorite hiding places.

Something you shouldn't have eaten.

Setting up two people you thought should be together.

Rumors -- destructive or to boost cred...

2. The Quote. Everyday I will provide a quote and either a little rant on it or an exercise paired with it.

“What is remembered becomes reality.” Patricia Hempl

Take the memories above -- choose one. Bring it to someone who might actually have their own version. Hash it out. What's true? What's false? Mainly, what makes the best narrative?

3. Quilting Exercise.

Pick and choose from the things you've jotted so far -- those disparate elements -- and use them to create something. But don't force it too hard. Have some faith in the resonance of these things in and of themselves. These elements have all been dredged to the surface. They're bobbing in your brain. Start writing something even if you don't know what it is. Let these things bounce in and out. Work. Row.

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