Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Week Starts my Book Tour -- in my Jammies (at Home)

So, THE PROVENCE CURE FOR THE BROKENHEARTED is coming to you ... via a blog tour -- the bookish equivalent of the Staycation. That means -- I don't get felt up at airport security. I don't have to try to be funny in front of small bookish crowds (though I love you). I don't have to miss any of my kids' birthdays (two coming up). I don't even have to really get dressed for the day.

This week, I'm talking FOOD, France, craft, genre-busting, grief, love, foreignness, men, and the various hoods of women -- motherhood, sisterhood, daughterhood ...

Here are the links for this week, so far:

At bestselling novelist Caroline Leavitt's blog.

With novelist Ann Mah (currently living in Paris) -- at her blog.

With my dear friend, novelist Sheila Curran at the Girlfriend Books blog.

And then I have a piece at the Huffington Post about social networking -- the backlash against the backlash -- "Novelist Walks Into a Bar or Facebook or Wherever"

And, you know what, you don't have to get out of your jammies to read this stuff either.

To quote Charlie Sheen, we're bi-winning.