Friday, February 25, 2011

I Will Not Be Bullied by a Dining Room

A couple weeks ago, I mouthed off on Facebook that I would put my furniture wherever I damn well pleased. I would not be bullied by a dining room declaring itself to be a dining room. I don't have to be dictated to by some architect circa 1950 and his vision of domesticity. I can declare a room anything I want to declare it. I'm a grown up. It's my house.

And so now -- FOR THE FIRST TIME -- I unveil my newly invented rooms! The Nameless Room, the Kitch-living room, and the Dine-Living room.

So first, I said, "No the dining room is no longer a dining room." I took out the dining room table. I set that room free. It doesn't know what it is. Hence the nameless room. Voila:

Emboldened, I put a love seat
in the kitchen -- making it a Kitch-Living room.

And then I put the dining-room table from our old house in the middle of the living room, inventing the Dine-Living-Room, which, evidently, is also someplace short people can ride trikes.

I put the dining room table that was originally in the dining room and put it in the playroom, which is too disastrously messy for public consumption. It might be called a Dine-Den.

And now I'm perfectly comfortable charging all of you with the freedom to do a house mash up. Once you start, you can't stop.