Friday, February 18, 2011

A Follow-Up to "On Friday, My Son will be America"

The Model UN Debriefing.

My son says, "We worked on socio-economic post-emergency outcomes."

"That sounds really smart."

"I know. I can say it really fast too: socioeconomicpostemergencyoutcomes. We accidentally passed something because only Japan knew what 'by acclamation" meant."


"I know."

"How about the ladies? Anybody, you know, catch your eye ..."

"The ladies who are interested in Model UN? I don't understand the question."


He says, "I was the only person who could pronounce Namibia. Well, me and Namibia. He could pronounce himself."

"Did you win?"

"You don't win! No one wins! You pass resolutions. We passed two of three. And the arts school went rogue and wanted to pass resolutions that had nothing to do with socioeconomicpostemergencyoutcomes."

"Who do the arts think they are?"

"I think they think they're Morocco. Or Cote d'Ivoire. I can't remember."

"I really thought you could win -- 1st, 2nd, 3rd."

"I really think that point is that no one wins."

"Except a better tomorrow."

"And I got to say Hi, I'm America, all day long."

"And if there's an emergency?"

"i'm your post-outcomes guy. And I've read all the Zombie survivial guides. Basically, we've got all bases covered."