Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Random Saturday

Dear sweet Lord, the stuff I would have posted on YouTube if YouTube had existed in my youth. I had an ongoing radio show -- without any transmission ability -- called the Focal News, which opened with me and my friend on my porch, as anchors, each holding spoons over one of our eyes, and reporting the daily goings on of our lives. We had a tape recorder.

My college years marked the advent of the Answering Machine. One of my friends and I spent hours working on our outgoing message. As it was also the advent of The Simpsons, many of our messages were in the voice of Julie Kavner, aka Marge, whom I love dearly. We also bought one of those toy cow-noise makers that you flip over and it makes a moo. We put that moo to some very witty use, I tell you.

Basically, if there had been YouTube when I was in college, I'd have flunked out -- but it would have been beautifully-tragically documented.

AND NOW ... I have kids. My kids make movies all the time. They've made their own chest dollies out of PVC pipe. Exacto knives for cutting out and hot-gluing cardboard weaponry must be done on the tiled kitchen floor. I have rules. The oldest three have all been in FSU films -- MFA and BFA theses. And there they learned how to write, shoot, edit, add music, sound effects, voice overs ... It's insane.

But a lot of time, they're riffing.

Here's my oldest son -- Finn, now 14 -- doing just that. This first one is 4 minutes long -- as he announces his YouTube channel. And this one is only 1 minute and gets cinematic on your ass -- though it has no plot.

Who's it starring? Him. Of course.

OOOOOoooo, and THIS gem is the handiwork of my second oldest son, Theo, almost 11, mix-mastering a video of Otis, the youngest, dancing to "I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH."

Happy Random Saturday.