Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things I Lost in the Spilled Coffee -- a desk top portrait

I don't ever know what's on my desk until it's gone. This morning's coffee -- I add so much fat free half and half that it's cold by this point (which probably cuts down on a medical benefit) -- ate a lot of stuff.

An elderly copy of Revolutionary Road (airing)
A New Ohio Review and an AGNI (airing)
Kid Art -- top notch, not your basic stick figures (not airing, we've got tons of this stuff -- no offense to my offspring but really ANY excuse to trim back)
A Bode fan letter (damn Bode always getting the fan mail!)
A portion of a grad student's novel (which I've already read and commented on but when picking up had one more criticism of -- lucky grad student)
A chapter by chapter breakdown of a shifting point of view novel -- to see how many pages each character is getting so that I can check the balance of the whole (this is airing -- it must be saved.)

This constituted one small stack. My desk is stacked with stacks, as is the floor around me. You all might know my feelings about the upside of Messiness (see a couple of posts back if you want to confirm the upside of your OWN messiness). But I actually wish the coffee had reached farther. There's more here that needs to be considered -- and trashed.

(Things I Lose in the Spilled Coffee is a play on THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE. A beautifully sad and moving film. If you haven't seen it, think about it.)