Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stuff We Said This Week -- without much context.

An abridged version. Not all children are represented, but we all said things:

Dave to me on the small cut on my palm. "I've always thought you'd make a great stigmatist!"

13 year old son to me about his older sister talking to his younger brother.
"She could plant ideas in his head."
"What's wrong with that? She could be passing on good ideas."
"Ideas are dangerous! Did you NOT SEE Inception?"

3 year old in the car about the radio, his voice alarmed: "That last song you changed was Katy Perry!"
"Yes, and this is Queen. I win."

Dave on the 3 year old, "He can't say his F's or his S's or his Sh's but he can say Fo'-shiz-o -- a perfect Snoop impersonation. Do you think that's a little weird?"